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Generations Portrait

There is something very special about that very first moment you see your mum holding your newborn baby. She is probably remembering the first time she held you and can't believe that you are a mum yourself now.

If you are lucky enough to still have your nan or even great grandma then having them hold your baby becomes a photo opportunity, a moment to treasure.

When I first saw the idea for the generations shoot I thought it was a fantastic idea and immediately wanted to work out how is the photo done and learn it. The very first one I have done was for my lovely sister in law with her little girls, her mummy and nan. The photo is now framed and has a pride of place on the wall. It will stay there for years to come and remind us all of all the generations that make up the family. Of every piece of history that makes us who we are. Of the people who matter.

This is the most recent generations shoot I had the pleasure to photograph. Amazing ladies and very well behaved and cute boys. Getting to spend time with their family during the shoot made me see just how close knit they are and how much love there is between all of them. I can't wait to deliver their printed and framed images for them to place on their walls and look back at for years to come...

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