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Twin Session

I love booking in twins. The very first pair of twins I photographed is getting close to their first birthday and I can't believe that I was so nervous before their session.

Working with twins is a bit different from a session with only one newborn baby. Twins tend to be smaller but there is a huge advantage, placing them together helps them settle each other :)

A few weeks ago I got to shoot a gorgeous pair of twins, a little girl and boy (I have yet to book a same sex pair of twins! :)). They were tiny and we started off with photos of them on their own. Once I started shooting their little personalities came through. The young man was pretty chilled and let me do what I wanted.

His sister on the other hand knew what she wanted and was not just going to lay there and do whatever I wanted her to do :) She had a gorgeous head of hair and being so cute it was really easy to forgive her for not wanting to play ball with me :).

We then got both of them together and at the end I got my favourite image of the session.

Once I edited the photos I was really touched by the lovely email their mum sent me:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We absolutely loved the photos and had such a great experience working with you.

We had a fabulous experience working with you for newborn photos of Eloise and Oliver. You were so wonderful with the babies, keeping them calm throughout the whole experience. I appreciate you being patient with me and my requests for particular shots and props. And thank you for turning around the photos so quickly - we're thrilled with the result! We'll definitely be recommending you to our friends!

I can't wait for another twin booking soon! x

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