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Is your baby too old for newborn photos?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"Babies over 3 weeks are too old for newborn photos." Have you heard this sentence before? Have you been turned away by a photographer because your baby is "too old"?

Yes in a ideal world all mums-to-be book in their newborn photo session after their 20 week scan, let their photographer know as soon as baby is born and get their photos done in the perfect time window. But the reality of becoming a parent is very different isn't it? There are so many things to plan, organise, consider and arrange before your baby arrives and sometimes you don't even think about newborn photos until your baby is already here.

Sometimes your baby surprises you and arrives early, sometimes you have to stay in the hospital with them for that little bit longer to make sure they or you are ok. All of this is part of life. And life is chaotic once you have a little person or two (or if you are mad like me three little people) to look after.

There are midwives, health visitors, nappies, feeding, sleepless nights and an overwhelming sense of love and responsibility for this little bundle. Your baby is gorgeous and you think you could have some photos taken of her/him and you go looking for a photographer. Then you find out many of them are booked well in advance or won't accommodate you as your baby is now out of the 2-3 week window (or will be by the time they can fit you in).

I usually have last minute availability (as I do need to leave free slots for babies who are booked in with me and babies rarely arrive on time :D) and after photographing a few "older babies" recently who have been turned away by other photographers I decided to show you, that it can be done.

I invited two gorgeous little people with their mummies to my studio and created what a gallery of an older baby might look like to give you all an idea. We had a beautiful 5 week old little lady and a very handsome 7 week old little boy. Yes, it took a little longer to settle them (but sometimes a two week baby could take just as long if they are going through a growth spurt) so I tried all my magic on them to settle them and this was the result....

A little 5 week old lady:

And a handsome 7 week old little man:

So, if you have missed the perfect window and your baby is between 4 and 9 weeks, please get in touch and I will create some stunning images of your little one for you to treasure.

Love, Magda

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