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Home schooling, tips and tricks

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Many of you are now going to be staying at home with your kids, trying to work from home, trying to teach and entertain your little ones at the same time. There are a few things I have been able to find that are being live streamed and could be helpful. I have also included some home schooling activities that I have been doing with my kiddies last few days.

  • PE:

Joe Wicks will be offering PE lessons at 9 am Monday through to Friday on his YouTube channel, click HERE for the channel.

  • Art:

Mo Willems is offering what is called Lunch Doodles on weekdays at 1pm EST time so 5pm UK time so maybe good for kids to unwind with. This is on The Kennedy Center's YouTube page. Click HERE for link.

  • STEM:

Ben Edmonds will be offering a daily STEM challenge at 12:30 every day at

  • Biology:

Zoos that offer live streaming so your little one's can see animals: HERE

Iver Environment Centre is running lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am teaching children about plants and many more important things. Click HERE to get to their page.

  • Science:

some games you could try on the Science Museum's website HERE

  • Activities for little ones:

lots of brilliant ideas on TINY EXPLORING HANDS

If you haven't yet, these two Facebook Groups are definitely worth joining:

Some of the activities I have been trying at home with my kids :)


I gave my youngest round scissors for children and cut strips of paper with lines on them, showed her how to cut and let her do cutting while she was sitting next to me. It kept her busy for ages :D

(If you do different colour papers you can then use the bits they have cut to make a collage the next day :D)


I had a big round needle but you could wrap an end of a piece of string in sellotape tightly a couple of times to make a sort of a needle. We stuck a lion's face onto a flat piece of cardboard and I used a thin screwdriver to puncture the holes for the mane in it. Then we did some "sewing" to create his mane...

I have also taught my 8 year old to knit and she is busy knitting a scarf (it might be ready by next winter but she is LOVING it! )


I have ordered a Chemistry set online but you could have a play with mixing colours and water if you have food colouring at home. See what colours you can create...

Another fantastic experiment that the kids enjoyed only needed a balloon, a plate and some salt and pepper. Blow the balloon up, mix a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper on the plate. Rub a balloon on hair or woolly jumper and move it over the plate (hover a bit above the plate) the pepper will jump to the balloon :) If it does not you need to rub the balloon on your hair or jumper more :D


I got a big wall map of the world and we have been learning about the continents, Europe, capital cities and so on.. The kids are loving this and keep asking me to ask them to find the answers on the map. Their general knowledge of European countries and capital cities has improved massively in only a couple of days! We have also been working on months of the year. I am getting my 8 year old to put them in order to ensure she knows them all and how they should go. (An extension activity, get them to sort months out in alphabetical order, sort them into long and short months....)

Entertain youngest by letting her move rice/pulses/anything relatively small from one bowl to another only using a small spoon :D (put a tray under and be prepared to get the hoover out afterwards)

I'll try to share more as we go. All the best to you all and stay safe.


Magda xxx

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