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Your Newborn Session and what to expect

Newborn sessions are very different from any photo session you've ever had before. I have put together a little guide what to expect when you book your Newborn Photography session with me in my studio in Cheam, Surrey.

Baby Photographer of the Year based in Surrey
Magda Bright, Newborn Photographer in Cheam

Booking your Newborn Session with Magda Bright Photography

When do you book your session for? How could you possibly know when your baby is going to arrive so that you can book for a date in the first two to three weeks?? What if there are not available slots left by the time your baby actually arrives? This can be really confusing to many new parents.

I recommend that you book in with me after your 20 week scan. This is also a good time to chat about booking in your maternity session if you want to have one. I will put your due date into my booking calendar and make sure I have availability around your due date for you. I only take a limited amount of bookings to ensure there is flexibility for all my booked in clients as I know babies very rarely arrive on their due date :) I ask that you let me know as soon as baby arrives so we can schedule your session in.

Newborn Bookings taken from your 20 week scan
Book your baby photo session in Surrey

If your baby is already here and you want to capture their beautiful squishy face and little toes please do get in touch with me. I do have some last minute slots available and will do my best to fit you in. I cannot guarantee I will be able to but I will always do my best.

Is your baby outside the 2-3 weeks window but still under 2 months old? Do get in touch. I have successfully photographed older babies, have a look at my older blog about older babies: Is your baby too old for newborn photos?

Your Newborn Photography Session

My studio is based in Cheam, Surrey with easy transport links (the nearest train and bus station is West Sutton) and there is free parking available. The studio is cosy and relaxing with comfortable chairs for parents, cold drinks, biscuits and a coffee machine. There is also a bathroom for you to use during the session should you need to.

I have everything you can think of for your little one. The studio is breastfeeding friendly (I have a feeding pillow if you need one), you are welcome to express milk should you need to as well. I also have a bottle warmer and a fridge available. There is a changing mat and nappy bags and a sink if you are using warm water to wipe baby with instead of wipes.

Baby Photography studio in Cheam
Seating for parents in my Baby Photography studio in Cheam

A coffee machine in Baby Photography studio in Sutton, Surrey
Coffee to relax with during your Newborn Session

Snacks to keep you going during your little one's session :)

Many of my customers say that coming to their baby photo shoot is the first time they are leaving home with the baby and that it is a great practice run for days out as it is like a home from home for them and makes the whole experience quite relaxing.

I have all the props ready for you. I have countless tiny outfits to go with the colours you have chosen. I have bonnets, hats and hairbands galore. I have teddies and bunnies in every colour possible. There are little beds, buckets, bowls and baskets. Your will be spoiled for choice in your image gallery.

Baby outfits for newborn sessions
Newborn Photography outfits at Magda Bright Photography studio in Cheam, Surrey

Bonnets and Hats at my Baby photography studio in Cheam, Surrey
Baby hats and bonnets at my newborn photography studio

baby hats, bonnets and headbands
Baby hats, bonnets and headbands

Do we need to bring anything?

You only need to bring your baby, any milk baby is having and nappies and wipes you are using. That is all. I have everything else we need for the session here. If there is a family heirloom you would like included in the session, maybe a soft toy or a blanket knitted by Grandma, let me know and bring it along. We will find a way of including it in your baby's photo session.

teddies and bunnies newborn photography props
Teddies and bunnies in my studio waiting to be added into your baby's photos

What happens on the day?

My newborn photography sessions usually take place on a weekday morning and start at 10am. When you arrive I will ask you to remove your shoes prior to entering the studio and you can wash your hands on arrival too. You will be offered drinks and invited to sit down and relax. I will give your baby a little cuddle before getting them undressed (the studio is kept toasty warm to make sure babies don't get cold as they are usually in their nappy or a little outfit) and then I will get to work.

There is no need to worry if baby is unsettled or crying. I have many tricks up my sleeve for soothing babies and endless supply of patience. If your little one needs a feed I allow plenty of time for them to get a nice full time and then wind them to ensure they are comfortable. If they need a nappy change that is no problem at all. At the end of the day I want your baby to be comfortable before taking their photos and I want you to be able to sit back, relax and watch the magic of a newborn photo session unfold.

I will pose your baby and take their photos in various outfits and with different props. Little ones are never left unattended and I create more complex poses (like the froggy one) as a composite in post production. I am always very gentle and handle your baby with utmost care, I never let them get too upset and if they need a break and a cuddle I am always happy to allow time for these. I will chat to you throughout the session and explain what I am doing and if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them. I do use a white noise machine in the session to help babies sleep as they seem to enjoy the constant noise.

I am fully trained in newborn safety and with over 9 years of experience and 3 children of my own I have learned many tips and tricks that I am more than happy to share with you during your session.

What happens after your session?

In you session questionnaire that you fill in prior to coming to the studio I will ask if you would like to have a sneak peek on my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you indicate that you are happy with this there will be one watermarked image posted on the evening on the same day as your session for you to be able to see and make the wait for your edited images not seem so long (I know how excited you will be to see them and the wait sometimes feel like forever :) ) I don't mention names in my sneak peeks and I will never post any of your images if you ask for no social media or website sharing, I will always respect your privacy.

My current turnaround is 2-3 weeks for your gallery to be ready but I will discuss this with you at your session and will always keep you updated if there are any delays.

I will hand edit your beautiful images to create a gallery of 20-22 images and will inform you once the gallery is close to being finished so that we can arrange your viewing appointment.

You will be invited back to the studio to view your images and decide on your package and I can help you choose albums and wall art for your home. I have many beautiful options available and they have all been carefully selected to be of the highest quality because I believe that when you invest in wall art it should stand the test of time and create a wow factor for you and everyone who visits your home.

wall art options in my photography studio
Wall art options at Magda Bright Photography Studio in Cheam

cake smash photo ladder
Cake Smash photo ladder

I am always happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have and I am really looking forward to welcoming you in my studio.

Love, Magda


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