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Are you in your kids' photos?

I am a mum. I love taking photos. As a result, I do have lots of photos of my kids. My kids on their own, my kids together, my kids with my husband. I am not in many pictures. Unless I pass the camera to my husband and ask him to take a photo. I am sure lots of you have the same problem.

If I asked you now to find a nice photo of you with your kids, or even a photo of yourself on your own, would you find one?

I have made conscious effort to make sure that in the years to come I will have photos of me with my kids to look back on. Don't get me wrong, snaps from phones are great but not always the kind of photos I would want to put on the wall. So a few years back I decided that instead of hinting what I would like to get for Mother’s Day I will just ask my husband to get me a photo shoot with my little girl. I found a photographer whose style I loved and had a lovely morning having a makeover and having our photos done. The resulting photos still hang on my wall and everyone who comes to my house comments on them. It was the best Mother’s Day gifts I could have received.

I am also very lucky to have a very good friend who is an amazing photographer so I get him to take photos of my kids with me and also photos of just me. Because yes, I am a mum, I am very proud of my babies, but I am also still me and I want to have photos of just myself :)

For this reason I always try to get mum in front of the camera on my photo shoots. Most mums don't want to step in front of the camera at first, but I say: "It is just for you, to have some photos with your kids/on your own." It gives me a great pleasure when I then see that this is the picture the mum chooses to use as her Facebook profile or tells me this image is now hanging on her wall.

So if you would like to have some photos of yourself and of you and your kids, ask your other half (or drop some hints :)) or even just treat yourself to a photo session. I am running an offer for Mother’s Day and I look forward to meeting you. :)

My personal photos above were taken by V's Anchor Studio and photographer Jan Jirous

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