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Beyond the newborn session...

So you have found the perfect baby photographer for you. You looked at their website and love the images they take. You did your research and know they are the right fit for you, they have training, insurance, you read their reviews and you got excited about the stunning images you will get of your tiny little bundle of joy to keep and treasure for years to come.

Newborn Baby boy in shades of blue

And then Covid and lockdowns struck. Photography studios had to close and there were no newborn sessions possible. No brand new baby photos, no squishy poses and tiny noses :( Considering everything that is going on not having newborn photos is not a hue thing in the grand scheme of things but it is upsetting nevertheless. Especially to new mums, their world has been turned upside down by the arrival of a new little person and they want to document their first few days. They are the memory keepers and story creators for this tiny little bundle and not being able to have these photos, especially now when photos are one of the few things we can share with family members who are missing out baby cuddles is really frustrating.

Or maybe you were lucky and your baby was born in between the infamous lockdowns and you were able to have your newborn session with me. You have your stunning images but are wondering about which milestone you should document next?


There are several options for you, your family and your gorgeous baby! If you missed out on the brand new baby photos and your baby is around two or three months now you can have a family session with me. We can still capture beautiful silhouette photos of mummy and daddy holding baby. This timeless image looks absolutely fantastic on the birch square wall art and is a timeless edition to your home.

Parents and baby silhouette photo in black and white

Your baby will be smiling by now so we can get absolutely gorgeous little portraits with smiles :) We can get a few tummy time photos too and many of my newborn props are still suitable to be used with a 3 month old baby.

Smiling 3 month old baby photo session


Sitter sessions are not as well known as Newborn or Cake Smash milestone session but they are one of my favourites. It is a big thing when your little one learns to sit up unaided! I have so many gorgeous props to use and outfits for them to wear (you are welcome to bring your own outfit and a favourite toy too if you would like). Babies around 7 months who sit by themselves have mastered many expressions which makes for a stunning gallery.

Vintage themed sitter session with a little girl

Sitter session photo of a cheeky little boy

A sitter session can be a great replacement for a newborn session if you missed out on having one.


A big milestone in yours and your little one's life! One whole year and so many changes, learning to smile, to sit, to crawl. Some babies even learn to walk before they turn one! In that first year baby has started to explore different tastes, flavours and textures.

I offer a selection of outfits to choose from, I match decorations to the set up and order in a cake for your little one to get stuck into :) You have an option of a quick family portrait with your one year old ( You can never have enough family photos!), I take a few portrait photos of your little superstar before letting them loose on a cake and then we wash off all the icing and crumbs in a bath where your little one gets to splash about in bubbles. All the while creating stunning images to commemorate the special occasion and to share with your friends and family.

Cake Smash for a little boy

Little girl smash and splash session

If a cake smash is not quite your thing but you would like to commemorate the big milestone with a photo session you can always drop me and email or give me a call to discuss your ideas. We can arrange a portrait session, or a balloon shoot outdoors is a great alternative.


The weather is getting warmer, flowers are starting to bloom and you can never have enough family photos! (I know I am repeating myself but you really can't :)). If you have older siblings and outdoor session is perfect. Let me take your kids on an adventure in a park, they can have a little run around and we can capture some beautiful photos to add to your family album and share together for years to come. The outdoors makes a wonderful backdrop and including mummy and daddy in the photos is so important.

Mum and son outdoor photos

Family outdoor session

Whatever session you would like to book, even if it is not listed in one of the above, do get in touch with me to chat about your ideas and let's create some magical memories for you soon!



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