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Five photos to take on the day your baby is born

A day you welcome your new baby into the world is one you will never forget. Some of the details might become hazy over the years but it is one of the most special days in your (and their) life.

Here are some photos you should not miss on the day. They are most certainly my favourite images to look back on, especially when it comes near to my kids birthdays. I like to look back, reminisce, get emotional all over again and relive those beautiful minutes and hours of gazing at the tiny face of this brand new human. When they are all fresh and wrinkly and smell of baby. When their tiny little fingers grasp your finger so tight and they curl up on your chest. Those moments when it feels like the whole world has slowed right down and it is just you and your little one. When you look at them and wonder what the future will bring. What will they be like, who will they grow up to be?

When you try to find family features in their little faces to see if they look like mummy or daddy :) or you realise that they look like a carbon copy of their sibling when they were born.

All these moments are SO special and SO fleeting. Here are some of the must have photos that you should take or have taken on the day you meet your baby.


I only managed to take this photo with my last baby but I love it. I remember waking up and feeling a bit in pain, wondering if today was the day. I went on a long walk with a friend and it was a frosty day, the sun was shining and it was just too glorious not to take a photo. At the time I did not realise the significance of the image but my little one was born that night...


It is an amazing moment when your baby finally arrives and you get to cuddle them. Having a photo of you snuggling up with your little one for the first time will become your firm favourite (even if you look like you have just been in a fight yourself :D)


You love your partner, but there is nothing compared to the feeling you get when you see him holding your little bundle. There is something about a man holding his tiny little baby. Suddenly you see them in a completely different light and it makes you fall in love with them all over again. (If they change baby's first nappy as well they get extra points :D )


Once a new baby arrives, many people want to come and meet them. It is lovely to capture some of these first meetings. They make a lovely addition to your little one's photo album especially when the visitors are very important family members.


Talking of important family members. If you have an older sibling at home capturing the moment they meet their baby brother or sister is such a special moment. With all my little ones I always had a little present from the baby to their big brother/sister in a way to say hello. It is a super exciting time for them but it can also be a little difficult for them. They are no longer the only child (or the youngest child if you have more than one) and as exciting as the event is, they might feel a little anxious at the same time.

Some other great ideas of images to capture would be:


I do have an image of my youngest one being weighed but as she was born in the birthing suite with dimmed lights and it was very late at night the image is rather blurry :) Not to worry, my newest digital backdrop fixes this and you can even use it as a super cute New Baby announcement!!


There is something super cute about baby's first cry and all the little yawns and cute squished faces they pull! I love taking photos of baby yawns during my newborn sessions :) You can see my Newborn Packages on HERE


If you remember to take one in the middle of contractions that is :) If you have a planned C section then taking a last photo of your bump is easier to remember and take :) Or take the guesswork out of the equation and book in for a maternity session with me to have some stunning images of you looking like a Goddess that you are taken in my studio(growing a brand new tiny human is definitely a super power!!). My available maternity packages are on HERE

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