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Hey Baby! Ultrasound Clinic in Sutton

Updated: 4 days ago

I have been working with the amazing Hey Baby 4D clinic in Sutton for over a year now, we have even teamed up with an offer (more on that below). You may have seen my images on their wall or even got one of my leaflets from the clinic. If you are expecting and looking for a private scanning clinic you could not find a better place with kinder and nicer staff! Over to Hey Baby team to explain all the scans you can book at their clinic:

Firstly... congratulations on your pregnancy! It can be an amazing yet daunting

experience being pregnant, which is why we are so glad we are here to support you and provide that reassurance during your pregnancy. Attending your NHS scans is VITAL however its nice to check in on baby from time to time between those scans with us. We have scans to suit every gestation, from taking that first pregnancy test to seeing baby’s features in 4D!

Hey Baby Ultrasound Clinic in Sutton
Hey Baby Scanning Clinic in Sutton

So, what scans we do offer at our Ultrasound Clinic in Sutton?

From 6 weeks all the way up to 16 weeks gestation we offer an Early Reassurance Scan.

During this scan the sonographer will determine babies gestational age, visualise the heartbeat, carry out a wellbeing check & confirm a single or multiple pregnancy. After the scan you will get a wellbeing report & take 2 scan images home with you. We often see new mums coming in and seeing baby for the first time during this scan which is such a special moment!

Also, from 6 weeks gestation we offer SneakPeek Testing. This is a simple blood test carried

out in clinic that determines the sex of your baby. The test is sent off to a lab to analyse the

sample to see if there any are male chromosomes present. You have the option to upgrade your package to include a dating scan to confirm you are 6 weeks and over.

From 10 weeks gestation we offer NIPT Testing. You will have a blood test taken in clinic which will identify the probable presence of conditions such as Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s

Syndromes, as well as telling you the probable sex of your baby (optional).

From 16 weeks gestation we offer our Wellbeing & Gender Scan. This is where our exciting

gender reveal lighting comes into play! During this scan you get a wellbeing check of baby, see & listen to their heartbeat, a free 4D preview & you get to watch the room light up either blue or pink. After the scan you get a wellbeing report & take 2 images home with you.

(From 18 weeks gestation we also offer an Express Gender Scan which includes all the above

but a shortened scanning time & a less in-depth wellbeing report. Perfect for those in a hurry!)

From 16 weeks gestation we offer our Reassurance Scans at our Hey Baby Clinic in Sutton. This includes all the same things

as an Early Reassurance Scan such as wellbeing checks however you also get to hear your

baby’s heartbeat & you can see a lot more this far along! After the scan you will a wellbeing

report & take home 2 images of your baby.

From 22 weeks gestation we offer our Wellbeing & 4D Scans. During this scan you get a

wellbeing check of your baby, as well as quality time seeing your little ones features in 4D. After the scan you receive a wellbeing report & take home 2 images of baby.

(Our Expert Sonographers recommend the best time to book this scan would be when you are 26 – 28 weeks gestation!)

We also offer an upgrade for our 4D Scans for an amazing price.

Our Wellbeing & VIP 4D Scan comes with everything in the previous scan plus an extra printed image, digital download of ALL your images & an amazing 4D video recording of your baby moving, yawning, kicking, and waving in real time. Plus, as an exciting bonus we also have £50 off a newborn photo shoot package with the lovely, award winning, Magda Bright Photography.

You can book your scan, find a lot more information and pictures on our website:

Magda Bright, Surrey Baby Photographer with wall art form Hey Baby Scan Clinic in Sutton
Magda Bright Photography, the recommended photographer by Hey Baby Ultrasound Clinic in Sutton

Lots of love,

The Hey Baby 4D Sutton team x

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