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Tips to choose colours for your newborn session

Updated: 6 days ago

Booking a newborn photography session for your tiny little one is very exciting whether you are booking your session whilst you are still expecting or if your little bundle is already here.

I will email you session information and a questionnaire once we agree a date for you to come to my cosy Cheam based studio, which has free outside parking, and brilliant transport links (it is only an 8 minute walk from West Sutton train and bus station).

In the questionnaire which will be emailed to you I will ask questions such as if there are any specific poses you would like me to capture or if there is anything I should be aware of regarding your baby's birth. I will also attach a colour palette (picture below) to choose 2-3 colours for your session from. This is where the fun bit starts. I have put together some tips to help you choose colours for your newborn session with me.

Newborn session colour palette, Surrey Photographer Magda Bright
Newborn Colour Palette Magda Bright Photography

I have carefully chosen and sourced beautiful backdrops, wraps, headbands, hats, teddies and various basket stuffers and layers to create beautifully crafted images. I do appreciate it might feel a little overwhelming to choose the right colours for you. So how do you go about choosing colours for your session?

Considering Wall Art?

I would recommend thinking about what you plan to do with your newborn photos. Are you planning to have them made into wall art and display them around your house? If you would like a stunning piece of wall art to hang on your walls I would recommend looking around your home for colours that will compliment your decor. Have a think of where you would like to hang your wall art. Is the area well lit or is it a bit darker? In areas that don't get much natural light I would suggest going for a lighter background image so the dark one does not get lost in the shadows. I have many options for frames available to see in the studio so I am confident we can find something that will look stunning in your home.

If you are after a specific image to place in your little one's nursery (recently I had a lovely customer wanting something to go with a garden theme for their little one's nursery and we created a gorgeous swing picture with colours matching the nursery decor) do let me know.

Baby's colouring

You should consider your little one's colouring when choosing your newborn session colours. If your baby has very pale skin the darker tones will not work very well as they will create too much of a contrast between the backdrop and your little one. If you would really like one of the darker colours consider selecting lighter ones as your other two choices if your baby's skin is very pale.

Sibling and Family Photos

I love using neutral colours in most my sessions and especially for sibling and family shots. If you are bringing along a sibling, I always recommend to bring older brother or sister at the start or end of the session for the family and sibling photos and asking a relative, family friend of dad to take the older sibling away for the rest of the session so mum can relax and enjoy the session watching baby being star of the show. Dress the sibling in neutral colours. Whites, creams or pastel colours work well and help to create beautiful timeless images that will work well in any home.

Sibling photos in neutral colours by Magda Bright Photography
Sibling photos in neutral colours

Creamy and neutral colours for sibling photos, surrey photographer
Neutrals and creams for siblings

Another option is to have your family photos done all in black clothes which works really well too. (Let me know if this is something you are considering in advance so I can have the correct backdrop ready as I will have a light coloured one up for newborn sessions 99% of the time :) )

Family photo, all in black t shirts
All in black t-shirts family photo

I also often offer parents a back-lit silhouette photo which is usually black and white and creates a timeless memory for you. I will try to match baby's wrap to what you are wearing (light or dark colours) if I can.

Family back-lit silhouette photo with a new baby
Back-lit silhouette photo

Seen an image of mine you love?

If there is an image of mine that you have seen on my page, my Facebook or Instagram that you would like me to recreate please do let me know in your questionnaire. Whilst I can't guarantee any single pose as all my sessions are baby-led and I would never force a baby into a pose they are not comfortable in, I will try to get the image for you (plus letting me know in advance means I will have time to find and prepare all the props and wraps I need).

Looking through my images might also help you to decide which colours you like the best.

Please don't send me other photographer's images as reference of what you would like. I do source all my props with great love and care and I hope you are coming to me because you love my style of photography and would love to have images taken by me ;)

How many colours should we choose?

I will ask you to choose 2-3 colours in the questionnaire. Please don't choose more than 3 as we will struggle to fit any more into the session.


Do you have any questions I have not answered here? Please don't hesitate to drop me an email and ask. I would be more than happy to discuss your session with you and tailor it so that your images become treasured pieces of art for you. If there is something specific that would make the session very personal to you (dad likes fishing, mum is into music, travel is a huge part of your life etc) please let me know at the time of booking and I will do my best to find or source props especially for your session to make it extra special.

If there is a family heirloom you would like included, let me know in advance and if I can I will do my best to incorporate it into your session too.

I can't wait to meet you and your little one and create beautiful memories for you.

Love, Magda

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