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Rory's Cake Smash

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Many of my customers come back to me for various sessions. I am so lucky that I get to see their families grow, I get to meet their newest additions in their first weeks, I see their gorgeous bumps, I get to snuggle their babies, celebrate birthdays and capture memories that will last forever.

I have been photographing Rory's family since his sister was little, she is now starting school and has grown into a beautiful, sassy little lady. I photographed Rory's mum and sister when he was in mummy's tummy, I cuddled him when he was only a couple weeks old and last weekend I got to photograph his cake smash.

He is an absolute heart breaker. The hair, the eyes, the cheeky smile. :)

We had a chat with his mummy about the set up and cake ideas and mum asked for navy blue. I was very excited as it is not my usual cake smash set up and I got to be creative.

I got one of my cake suppliers (this time it was Nick from One Off Cakes - ) know what the idea for the cake was and he most certainly delivered. When the set came together I was rather pleased.

Rory arrived with mummy, daddy and his big sister for his session. At first I chatted to them a little bit, pulled funny faces at Rory and tried to make sure he felt comfortable with me before I picked the camera up. Once Rory was changed into his outfit we began. This little man was so full of beans he kept us all on our toes keeping him on the backdrop :) But I worked my magic (I swear little ones smile mainly due to how bad my singing is :D ) and captured amazing portraits of him.

He was very happy to dig into the cake and taste the icing and sponge. His big sister was only too keen to help him so we let her join Rory a few times. It was so much fun and SO messy :D

When Rory had enough of the cake I got the little tin bath ready for him with bubbles galore and of course a rubber duck. He enjoyed getting cleaned up and splashing the water out. All that was left was to wrap the little man in a soft towel, dry off and get ready to go home. All done in under an hour and in a very relaxed atmosphere. Rory was such a little super star and mummy and daddy got to take the rest of the cake home too :)

Happy Birthday little boy!

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