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Session Styling

I don't like telling people what to do (contrary to what my children would have you believe :)) so I don't usually tell my customers what to wear for their session. If they ask I always advise to wear colours that complement each other and don't clash. To try to avoid large patterns, logos and characters (who wants to have photos of Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa pig t-shirt on their wall? I am certain your kids love them now but for a timeless photo on your wall, neutral is always better)

Christmas Session set up
Christmas Sessions 2020

I haven't given out style guide for my mini sessions (apart from recommendations on what to wear for Lavender Sessions in the past) until now. This year was different. I spent a long time selecting my Christmas backdrop, just like every year, I spent time researching props that would look the nicest with the backdrop. I did not stop there. I started to look which outfits would work best for the photos. I searched online shops (as shopping in store was quite limited this year :) ) and I found some really gorgeous and reasonably priced outfits. At first I wasn't sure if asking customers to purchase clothing specifically for the session is going to go down well BUT if you are already investing time and money in coming to me for photos and you would love to use these on your cards or even have them on your walls investing in an outfit for the session is most definitely worth it. And I promise I am not sending you to Gucci, Prada or Channel to shop for your outfits :D

Examples of Christmas Photos for 2020
Magda Bright Photography Christmas Sessions

With my session preparation I sent a list of colours for the session, I sent links to where to purchase outfits and answered any questions my customers had. I had customers send me pictures of outfits they were getting, we chatted about colours. It was brilliant and when people came for their sessions I absolutely LOVED the look as soon as I arranged everyone on the backdrop and saw the images on the back of my camera.

All the way through editing the images I was so happy that I asked for these specific colours as it created the look I was going for with my Christmas sessions and my customer absolutely LOVED their photos.

This gave me the confidence for family sessions going forward. So if you are booking a session with me and want me to help you create a gorgeous set of images. If you want that big frame on your wall of your beautiful family, and let's face it after this year, we have all realised the importance of family photos, I will be happy to chat to you about the styling.

We will have a chat about the decor of your home. About the look you would like to achieve. I can help you look for outfits, we will colour coordinate and together we will make sure that we achieve the perfect look for your family. Because if you are investing your time and money in a session with me, I will make sure that your photos are absolutely PERFECT!

I can't wait to create some amazing images for you in 2021!


Magda xxx

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