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Cake smash session

When you turn one it is a rather important milestone. Celebrating it with a cake smash is a fabulous, if a little messy, but most definitely fun way.

Little Ruby came to me for the cake smash a little bit after her birthday as she was given the session as her birthday gift - what a great idea!

Far from being shy, she was all smiles as soon as she walked in and she looked SO cute! We got her dressed in the little Cake Smash outfit and sat her in the Vintage set up. After taking a few photos to get her comfortable, we introduced "the cake" and let her loose :)

I like to use a smaller cake as I noticed little ones find a whole big cakes a little intimidating .. Well Ruby was not intimidated by the cake and after a few experimental smashes with a wooden spoon she licked the icing....after that we could not get the wooden spoon off her, she LOVED the icing, she covered her face with it and we had so much fun encouraging her and trying not to get covered in icing ourselves :D

This is the result of Ruby's cake smash session, what do you think? Could I tempt you with some cake? ;)

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