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Before and after, what happens after your session?

Did you ever wonder why it takes the photographer so long to get your images to you? Let me give you a little sneak peek into how I work. Once I finish taking your photos I download the photos into my computer and the work begins :)

Each of the photos I edit gets a lot of attention. I remove blemishes from the skin - I usually have a 2 week rule. If it is a scratch or a spot that will be gone in two weeks time I remove it. If there is a birthmark or a scar on the skin it is a part of who that person is and removing it would not look right at all.

I play with the light, with the shadows, with colours. By the time I am finished with an image I feel like I know every inch of your baby's or child's face. I fall in love with the image as I go on and it becomes very special to me.

I often struggle to cull my images after I have finished editing because each of them has something that made me choose that one to edit :)

Below are a few examples of how I edit the photos I take.. And one of me having a little play and learning new things...

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