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When your clients become your friends

I enjoy spending time with people, I love meeting new clients and I have been extremely lucky with all my customers being really lovely people. I have read all sorts of horror stories about demanding clients, clients who are unhappy with the photographer's work, demanding more images and all sorts of things. I can honestly say that I feel very blessed. Every person I have met has been lovely, friendly and fun.

When I go into a photo shoot I look forward to who am I going to meet that day. I find that my photography is my passion and everything else just stops existing for the time I am with my clients. I have done photo sessions on days when I was in pain, a session a day after a family funeral, sessions that run way over lunch time (anyone who knows me well knows, that if I am not fed regularly I get VERY cranky :) ) and yet none of this mattered. Once I get to meet my clients something inside me clicks and all I think of is how to position them so they look their best, how to capture the emotion, the fleeting moments. For the time of the session I am not in pain, I am not hungry, my tea often goes cold and it does not bother me in the slightest. I get a buzz from making people feel relaxed, making them smile. Being silly with the kids or soothing a baby. I often get my customers commenting how patient I am with soothing babies. I don't know. It does not feel like I am doing anything special in that moment in time, I am enjoying soothing a tiny, squishy baby as I know the result is worth it. It does not matter that it might take an hour to get little one to fall into deep sleep, I enjoy it. Having two kids myself has definitely helped and I love sitting with a new mum and having a chat about things whilst we wait for little one to settle.

Getting to see the babies grow is another perk of my job :) When I do a newborn shoot and get contacted a year later about a cake smash session I am always so surprised that the tiny baby is now turning one!! Seeing the change in them is so awesome! This little man below had his first shoot with me when he was 8 months old, we then did a cake smash and the last is a snap from the most recent family session:

Some of my clients have become friends, even extended family if you will. We chat about how the little ones get on, meet for a coffee if we can. It is so rewarding to see my images displayed on their walls. I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling when a customer sends me a photo of one my images used as a greeting card or hanging on the wall :)

As we are getting close to Valentine's Day I wanted to share these photos with you. I don't do too many couple photo shoots (but am thinking I will start with them soon!). This was from a family session of one of my lovely returning clients. I got great photos with the kids but then I wanted to get some for just mum and dad, have a look below, see for yourself why I simply HAD TO do it :)

I am already looking forward to meeting my new clients and I hope you will be one of them soon. If you are interested in having a photo session with me feel free to contact me for a chat to discuss your ideas. See you soon. x

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