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Funny things kids say

Do you write down all the great things your little ones come up with? I most certainly do. Some because they are so cute, some because I can't wait to share those with my kids when they are grown up. My mum has a little book where she recorded my development along with funny things I said when I learned to talk.

You will probably find your kids repeat a lot of the things you say to them or other people, this can be cute (or not so cute but soo hard not to laugh at). Some of these things will be rather embarrassing.

I was apparently really good at this when I was small. Once I got on a bus with my mum and the bus was quite full. In my innocent and loud voice I would ask: But where am I going to sit?? That one is not too bad I guess. Going to a local shop in a small village where everyone knew each other I have decided to loudly question my mum about why does the shop assistant lady have a moustache... I can only imagine how my mum felt then :D

When I was a bit older we had to write a short piece about our mums at school. I did write what I considered was an honest description of my mum, you know that she can be quite bossy, that she organises us, gets cross and all that :) Mum did not speak to me for two weeks after this. Looking back, I wish I included all the amazing things about her. All the things she did for us when we were small (and still does now that we are grown up).

Well I think I am starting to get payback for this with a little girl of my own. Only the other week at Lidls did she decide to pick up a pack of sanitary towels and nice and loudly ask: "Mummy, do you want to buy these for your knickers??" I advised her quietly that no, I did not want to buy these and tried to distract her. She was not having that... "But you have this on your knickers now, don't you?" I could feel my cheeks burning red and sweat starting to run down my back. Luckily both her and I speak another language so I quickly switched languages and explained that we can talk about this at home, but would she please drop the topic for now. My husband and I had a really good laugh about it later and it made me realise just how perceptive she is.

I am sure we have all been there when little ones come to a public toilet with us and decide to comment or ask if mummy is doing a wee or a poo a s well?

I have a book for both my kids, where I am trying to record the little things they say. My son informing me that he is not an octopus when I asked him to carry a few things. Or the moment he discovered that his sister does not have a willy! I am saving that one for his wedding day :D

What about your kids? Do you have any funny stories to share? I look forward to reading yours.

Magda x

P.S. Just had to share this picture as that is what my husband says our little girl thinks every morning when she dresses herself :)

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