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Training with Claire

On 28.4. I had the pleasure to have a 1 to 1 training day with my mentor, the amazing Claire Elliott. Claire is a fantastic photographer, member and panel judge on The Guild of Photographers and a great teacher. She is so relaxed and it is clear she loves teaching and loves what she does.

I am confident in my skills when it comes to posing and photography but wanted a refresher on posing and to mainly work on my lighting as I got a brand new studio light :D

We had a very full day planned, the night before the actual training day, Claire and I went through her flow posing with the SIB (Stand In Baby) Molly. Claire is a UK ambassador for the SIB, the prototype of a very useful tool for photographers. Having had a play with Molly I was really excited for the actual day.

We kicked off the morning with gorgeous baby Elizabeth. She was sweet and let us get through a few poses but soon got fed up with us and wanted to have plenty of milk stops and cuddles with mummy. Being newborn photographers we were only too used to this and we still managed to get some stunning images of her.

After lunch we followed greeted our two sitters, Morgan and Archie. Both cute as a button. Once they got into the outfits we wanted to photograph them in we moved to our set and got clicking away. We got to use most of the props we were hoping to use (even my brand new - old suitcase :))

Archie and Morgan did a great job and we got so many cute little expressions and I had a chance to work with my new light and figure out the best set up to achieve the results I was after. Claire was very unobtrusive, supportive and would only give me a nudge here and there :D

Last but not least we had a stunning young lady, Emily. Here we really got down to work on lighting, angles, shadows and showing off the features of this beautiful girl.

I was so lucky to be able to photograph all of these astonishing models and to meet lots of lovely new parents. All in all the day was a resounding success and I am now even more confident that my images come out exactly as I planned them to in my head :).

Once again HUGE thank you to everyone who took part and especially to Claire.



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