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A few quick mum tricks :)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This is not a photography related blog today, however I am also a mum of two lovely kids and thought you other mums out there might find this useful. And it is too good not to share :)

So we had a little taste of the SUMMER! Nice hot weather, kids come home from school wanting snacks (I am not even going to comment on the fact that there is an Ice Cream van parked right outside of my kids' school which we have to walk past:( ). I am not great at planning things too far in advance and don't want to spend ages making ice cream for them but wanted a relatively healthy option. On a hot summer day last year I went through the fridge and our freezer and an idea was born (well it did take a few tries but we have now perfected the process :) )

All you need in white yoghurt, bag of frozen fruit (summer berries or anything else you can get, mango is a great option too), honey (optional) and a small chopper.

Put the frozen fruits into your chopper, add two table spoons of yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Then whizz around until the fruit and yogurt have combined into a nice creamy consistency. Serve in bowls with spoons :) My kids love this and keep asking for more and I feel happy as they are getting some of their 5-a-day and I know what has gone into their ice cream :D

Another option (very popular as well) which requires a little bit of planning are ice pops. I usually make these if we have fruit that is over-ripe, maybe some strawberries that are about to go off or are a bit squishy. I use strawberries, mango or anything else we have at home, squeeze juice out of 2 oranges and whizz in a blender. Then I pour into ice pop makers, stick in the freezer and we have these the next day as a treat or after dinner pudding. They take about 5 minutes to make and taste great. You can try all sorts of variations with them as well. I would be very interested to hear your ideas or tried and tested combinations :)

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