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When a Photographer has an announcement to make :)

I have a little bit of news. As I can no longer hide it in the sessions (or maybe just about hide it) I thought I would announce on here as well :)

Being a photographer meant that as soon as I found out I started thinking of creative ways for our pregnancy announcement. I did not want to post a scan photo on Facebook :) I wanted something more creative, something that was maybe not obvious at the first look. I had a play with our surname, ordered the little booties and got shooting after our 12 week scan.

We had so much fun sending this to friends. Some got it straight away, others not so fast :) My husband's answer to one of his friends made me laugh. When he was asked if it means I am pregnant, he said: No, we just really like trainers :D

Announcing to the world that there was going to be another addition to our family was only the first part as we were finding out the gender of our baby and again I wanted to be creative. I had a lot of ideas from coloured smoke canons to popping a giant balloon with the kids standing under and a coloured confetti or balloons falling on them (till I remembered that my daughter is really scared of balloons and it would really not make for a very nice picture :))

In the end I got too impatient for those and decided to involve the kids in the shoot. My son was handed the care of the camera, I set everything up and my daughter had the starring role. I am happy with the result. What do you think?

Now I just have to think of an original way of announcing the arrival of our baby :)

P.S. Don't panic, I will not be taking a very long leave as I have a wonderful family who offered to help with baby so I can get back to creating some amazing photos of you and your children to treasure.

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