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A little different Halloween

As everyone is carving out pumpkins, decorating their windows in a scary fashion and looking for the best costume to go trick or treating, Halloween means something a little different to me.

I come from Czech Republic and it is only recently that people are starting to celebrate Halloween by dressing up there. There is a tradition that people honour every year on 2nd November. It is an All Saints Day (literal translation of the name of the day would be 'little souls') and on this day we remember all the people who passed away. All the loved ones who are no longer with us.

Visiting the graves of our loved ones is something we do regularly and on 2nd November we go to light candles, place flowers, flower arrangements and sometimes ornaments on the graves. We stand around for a bit and remember the wonderful people we miss.

As we had two special people pass away last year I have created a slightly different set of images this Halloween. They are not scary or spooky. They have special meaning. They are filled with love. As we explained to our kids, the two people who left us are now up in the sky watching over us so I tried to create an image to reflect this. They might not be perfect but they have very sentimental meaning and I love them.

A friend of ours lost her mum and as she is a star in the sky for them now I had a play with photos of her boys so they can always see their nanny too...

So let's all take a moment, light a candle and remember the ones who are watching us from the sky tonight (and all other nights of the year). xxx

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