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Family Photos

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Do you have many family photos hanging around your house? Maybe you are waiting till you have lost that little bit of weight, maybe you are trying to convince your husband to have family photos done, maybe you are worried that your kids won't behave on the day. There are so many reasons why you put family photos off. And time goes by, and your kids get older. I have learned just how fragile life is and that one day, all your kids might have left will be photos of you. So don't wait. Don't wait to lose that little bit of weight, your kids and husband love you just the way you are, no make up and bed hair in the morning, all dressed up and with make up on for a night out, it does not matter, it is still you.

Trouble convincing your husband? Mother's day is just round the corner and this would make the perfect present right? Either ask him to get you a voucher with me for a family session or let his present be actually coming to the session :D I will do my best to make it as painless as I can for him.

Kids won't play ball? Leave that with me. Kids always behave better for someone else (I would know, my own kids never really preform for me when I want to take photos of them :) but always let me friends who are photographers take lovely photos of them and actually enjoy it). Your kids don't know me. I can be making farting noises and they will think I am really funny and giggle away. If you make farting noises to make them laugh when you take photos, they will think you have gone mad :D I have worked at a nursery and I have 3 kids myself so leave your kiddies smiles to me.

I ran a competition for family photos before Christmas. The session was to be held at the studio and styled. Before any family session I will chat with you and we can decide if you prefer studio or an outdoor session, now that spring is in the air it is becoming easier to schedule outdoor sessions once again. Each has its own and will achieve a different look and I love both types of session. If you are not sure which you'd prefer we can chat and find the best style to suit your family.

Claire, the lovely Christmas competition winner came with her two children and husband for a mini session in my studio. We decided to go for neutral colours, whites, greys and denim to compliment the decor in their house.

Here are some of the stunning images we captured.

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