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A day out with the kids (buggy and dog friendly)

We've had some gorgeous days during this Indian summer and hopefully we will get a few more this year so I wanted to share a brilliant day out idea with you. I am a Cheam based newborn photographer but I am also a mum of 3 myself and taking the kids out at the weekend is something I really enjoy. I find the best trips are ones that have a goal (generally food seems to work for everyone :) ) so this trip is ideal. You don't need to drive, you can take a buggy, a scooter, your dog, you can even bring along a picnic...

So let's get started. We take the 80 bus from the Sutton Bus garage to Morden (you can also go by 413 or any other bus that takes you to Morden). If you want to drive you can park at Morden Hall Garden Centre, as it belongs to National Trust, parking fees apply Another option is to park at Abbey Mills, you do get 2 hours free parking there and you could do the trip in reverse order.

Get off the bus by Morden Hall park and walk through the Rose Garden, there is a GREAT climbing tree there (always popular with my little ones!). You can get ice cream from the ice cream van, a bag of duck food outside the garden centre, you can pick up a coffee there or just walk through the park. You could also visit the National Trust garden centre to look for plants, home or garden decor and look at their aquatic centre to see the fish!

Walk toward the Wetlands walk, ( if you can spot any ducks or other animals. You could also take a detour to the natural playground in Morden Hall.

Once you walked through the Wetlands cross the tram track, see if you can spot the Gruffallo on a great wall mural (and if you are Czech like me, you will appreciate the addition of Krtek - little mole, in this mural). The path will then take you past Dean City Farm, great to visit with little ones and entry is a voluntary donation.

After seeing the Guinea Pigs, Sheep, Llama, Cows and Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and other animals head towards Abbey Mills, one of my favourite places! We can NEVER visit Abbey Mills without a visit to Charlie's Rock Shop. I love picking up crystals, incense, candles and various witchy things from there! My kids adore getting to choose a little crystal to take home every time :)

You could pick up a delicious coffee from M E D , see if you can find the Fairy door by Super Queen Tattoo and have a delicious pretzel or loaded fries whist lounging in the sun by the stall outside The Merton Apprentice or enjoy waffles and crepes from The Belgian Brasserie to name just a few of our favourite places.

If you have time and plan your trip well you can also take your little ones to see a show at the Colour House Theatre. Last but not least make sure to visit the market stalls selling hand made or vintage items and The Wheel House where you can see a working Water Mill wheel as well as buy lovely pottery items.

After soaking up the atmosphere and chilling in the sun you can walk back the same way you came along the river to Morden Hall Park and catch a bus home.

I hope you find these tips helpful, it is not always easy to think of things to do with kids and sometimes we don't even know all the things we have on out doorstep! I hope you end up having a fantastic day out just like we did! Let me know if you do ;)



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