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Bump to Baby Photography Offer

You are expecting a baby and you would love to have photos of your beautiful bump as well as baby photos once your little bundle arrives. I love creating stunning images for mums to be in my studio in Cheam, Surrey. I have several gowns on offer to borrow for your session and many ideas about different looks we can create.

Many expectant mums feel that they don't look their best but I see the Goddess in every single one of them. I love reminding them how beautiful they are and that they have a super power, they are actually growing a new person! From scratch! That is no mean feat at all. As a mum of three myself I also know just how much you will miss your bump. I never had such a loving relationship with my belly as I did when I was carrying my little ones. There is something so special about pregnancy (and yeah, I won't lie, I do not miss the nausea, the frequent trips to the toilet to pee, the kicks under the ribs or bouncing on my bladder) but I do miss the feeling. The feeling that it is just baby and I in our little blissful bubble. Little did I know that this was probably the last time my kids did not talk back or ate what they were served :)

I have maternity photos of myself and I adore them. Yes, maybe I looked different from how I normally like to look, but I believe I still looked beautiful and I want every mummy to experience that. I want them to have pictures to remind them of the wonderful time. I want them to take a day out of their usual day-to-day and come to my studio, put on a gown with a super long train and feel like a Goddess. Because that is exactly what they are!

If you are considering having maternity photos but worry that you won't know how to pose and will be too nervous I can assure you that I will guide you through the posing and how to show off your best angles. I will chat to you and hopefully put you at ease (and I will definitely help you get up off the floor from any laying down shots! :))

The best part is that we can chat about any particular pose and how we could then recreate a pose or include something from your maternity session into your newborn session too! As a little incentive to indulge yourself and have a maternity session done with me prior to your newborn session I am offering any mums who have a maternity session with me £30 off their newborn session and a mini photo album* of your baby photos worth £30. So that is a saving of £60 on your newborn session with me!

If you know me and follow me, you know that I don't offer discounts or sales as I truly believe in the quality of work I provide. I always strive to give each and every one of my customers and amazing experience and only take a limited amount of bookings each month to provide the flexibility needed around due dates and the dates babies actually arrive :). I also only take limited amount of bookings to ensure I can keep providing the high standard of service to all of my customers. I am not a big corporation, I don't employ any staff ( unless you count the kids doing washing up and taking out bins for pocket money :) ) so it is always me you are dealing with. From your initial enquiry, to any emails or phone calls all the way to your session and viewing appointment. No customer is ever just a number to me. Each and every client who walks through my door is special. I could have had the worst school run in the morning, with rain, grumpy kids, missing water bottles.... but all that is completely forgotten as soon as I step into the studio. I like to think of it as a really lovely, cosy and relaxed space. I love welcoming customers to the studio, making them a nice cup of coffee and letting them sit down and relax whilst I take care of their baby and create stunning images for them to keep for many, many years to come. So what I am trying to say... I feel really passionate that all mums to be should come and have maternity photos done and that is why I am offering this special offer to parents who come for maternity photos as well as their newborn session at my studio.

And yes, I did say parents :) If you would like to bring your partner along for your maternity photos, please do. We will definitely include daddy to be in a few photos too, but the star of the show will be you. After all, it is you who has to deal with all the less convenient side effects of pregnancy so you deserve your moment to shine :)

Maternity sessions are best arranged between 26 and 32 weeks and I take newborn bookings from your 20 week scan.

*mini photo albums include 18 images in a square crop and are only offered as a part of booking a maternity and newborn session.

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