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Clodagh's journey

I had the privilege to capture a very important milestone on the journey of this beautiful and strong little lady. I first met Clodagh when I photographed as a baby 4 years ago. She was a gorgeous little girl.

Her mummy got in touch with me earlier this year and asked me if I would document a milestone for them. I then learned about this little lady's journey and I was so honored to be able to be a part of her story and capture some very important memories for her.

June is an awareness month for Infantile Scoliosis so the timing of the session was absolutely perfect as well.

This is Clodagh's journey in her mummy's words.

Clodagh was diagnosed with Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis at 9 months old. Scoliosis is a condition

where the spine curves to one side; it is a very rare, but potentially a life threatening condition. At

14 months Clodagh received her first Cast, which would stay on for 3 months at a time. Over 26

months and 9 serial casts applied under General Anaesthetic later, Clodagh’s curve has reduced from

56 to 20 degrees and we were able to graduate to brace.

Today marked the day that Magda beautifully captured the end of Clodagh’s Casting Journey!

Early diagnosis leads to a better prognosis.

Here are some images of this amazing little girl that we took to commemorate no longer needing her casts. I felt very emotional during the session and even more so when I was editing them. The images turned out so amazing and I hope they will serve as a memory f how strong this little lady is and how far she has come.

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