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Covid 19 Studio Measures

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

As per government announcement Photography Studios are able to reopen from 15th June. I am encouraging customers to book outdoor sessions as these help to minimise the spread of Covid 19 however where not possible I will offer limited studio sessions. Below are some of the steps and procedures that will be necessary for any studio sessions.


To assess and implement new measures necessary for safe reopening of studio and carrying out sessions outdoors for Magda Bright Photography to minimise spread of Covid 19.


  1. Outdoor sessions with social distancing in place

  2. Indoor studio sessions for cake smash/family/sitter sessions

  3. Newborn Sessions


Outdoor sessions can go ahead from 1st June providing all social distancing measures are observed. As much communication with clients will be carried out over the phone and online prior to the session. I will aim stay in an area that is less frequented by other people (Nonsuch Park will be the main location but can consider customer’s gardens for sessions too). I will always carry antibacterial hand gel and use throughout the session. No hand shaking or any close contact with customers.


Sessions are to be by appointment only. Minimum of 24 hours between sessions and only one session per day. Studio to be cleaned between sessions, surfaces wiped, any fabrics used washed straight after session. All door handles and points of contact will be wiped and cleaned with sterilising spray. Shoes to be taken off at the door, minimise contact with customers at the door and the hallway. Customers asked to wash hands on arrival and only immediate family allowed in studio (parents and child). Alcohol hand gel provided in a wall mounted dispenser on the entry to studio and encouraged to be used throughout the session by clients as well as photographer.

A temperature check will be preformed by the photographer using a contactless thermometer on entry to the studio. Should anyone have a fever over 37.8 degrees Celsius the session will be rescheduled and not go ahead.

No own props allowed in studio and no food and drink provided during the session. Clients encouraged to wear their own face covering but this can be provided by photographer if needed.

Any props used during session will be wiped and cleaned after session, if not possible to clean safely they will either not be used or they will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours and not reused in that time. Marking on the floor to show safe 2 meter distance.

If anybody in the client’s household is displaying any symptoms of Covid 19 or related illnesses client is required to inform photographer immediately and session will be rescheduled free of charge. Should the photographer or anyone in her household display any symptoms of Covid 19 she will inform clients as soon as possible and reschedule any sessions free of charge. The photographer cannot be held responsible should she display symptoms after the session has taken place providing all safety measures were observed and no unnecessary risks were taken during session.

All clients to sign a disclaimer that they are well and display no symptoms the day before the session.


For newborn sessions only parents and baby are allowed in the studio. Everything listed above applies and parents and photographer need to wear a face mask. Masks for parents will be provided (can wear their own should they prefer). Mask are single use surgical mask.

Parents will need to stay in one area of studio and sessions will be adapted to minimise the time photographer is in close contact with baby. There will be more prop based images with baby wrapped and session time is likely to be reduced. There will be a minimum of 48 hours between sessions and studio will be cleaned between sessions and all fabrics used washed. Beanbag posing might not be possible due to space restrictions.


All viewing sessions will be done remotely online to minimise contact between customers and photographer.

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