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Product Photography for Red Series

As you know I am first and foremost a newborn photographer :) It is where my heart is and if I could photograph babies every day I would be super happy. So when I was approached during Lockdown 1.0 with a request to photograph products for a website I was not sure if I would be able to deliver the kind of images needed. I was most definitely happy to give it a go though! I know my camera and studio lighting well so the technical side was not a problem. I LOVE styling newborn sessions so again, advantage :).

It helped that I also loved the product. I know the owner of personally and had a good look at his website even before he approached me.

As we were in Lockdown and I was not able to see clients I had all the time to try different set ups and once the boots were dropped to me I was super excited to get back into the studio and play.

The boots are hand finished and have such a wonderful feel to them. I photographed them on a white background for the website and also concentrated on showing off the details of the stitching, branding, soles and more.

I also had a play with creating some images for social media. At first I created images of how I felt the boots would look nice styled and after consultation with the client and him dropping off some awesome props for the second lot of shoes he is selling, Red Series by Creepers, I took some more social media images that turned out amazing!

I really enjoyed diversifying my portfolio and discovered a new talent :) I am looking forward to working with the brand in the future and photographing more products for other brands too!



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