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The Door Step Project

Updated: May 18, 2020

March and April 2020 (and possibly longer). Covid 19. The time where we stayed home, the time of rainbows, Thursday night clapping for our keyworkers, the time we were worried and anxious as we have never experienced anything like this. The time we lived through history.

Being unable to work with my maternity, newborn and young families due to the restrictions I have been thinking of how to document the times we are living in and help o raise funds for the NHS in any way I came. I have heard of the Door Step Project and after careful consideration decided to give it a go.

I have contacted friends and local families who live within walking distance from my home with the idea and so many of them were up for it! We agreed all the details in advance to minimise the need for me to hang around on the day and during my daily exercise they expected me to walk past their house. I stood well over 2m away from them and they stayed on their door step. I then captured a few images (one regular portrait and one funny one :) ) I then walked off again. Once I have edited the images I have emailed them across to everyone taking part and asked them to make a donation to a fundraiser set up for our local Epsom and St Helier NHS hospitals Charity.

There was just over 50 families (and counting) who have taken part and the feedback I've had was amazing. We all enjoyed something positive. A reason to dress up, a reason to come up with a funny idea, dress up in a costume, put make up on :D (I for one almost forgot what I look with mascara on :D )

We have managed to raise almost £300 already and the images are a great memory for us all to keep or put into our Covid Capsules. Images we can one day show our children and grandchildren. Images of time when the world slowed down and we spent a lot of time together as families. When we got to know each other really well. When we missed things we took for granted up to now. When we were really grateful to all the key workers for performing their duties and keeping the country going and saving lives.

The link to my fundraising page is here:

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