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Pose, Mama!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Phone full of photos of your kids, right? Are you in many of them? I guess not. Family photos? If you are like me, any family photo where I look good and kids relatively decent is a good one :) Hate your photo being taken because you just don't look yourself after having kids? Here are a few tips to make yourself look better in pictures :)

Selfie 101

I bet you don't exist in many of your kids photos, do you? Unless you take selfies. I do occasionally ask hubby to take photos of me but unless specifically asked he won't just take snaps of me with the kids. So I take selfies with them :) My baby loves the cute little baby she sees in my phone camera so she smiles away.

Don't shoot from below, you will give yourself extra chins and not get a very flattering photo. Lift your phone a little bit above (not too much or you will give yourself wrinkles on your forehead trying to look up :D )

As the phone is a little bit above you tilt your chin up, you will get a lovely shape of your chin, your eyes look bigger and over all it achieves a rather pleasing look :D

Turn and shape

Ok, so you are not perfect, you might not love your body but there are ways of looking good. Don't stand straight and flat footed in front of the camera. Turn slightly so that your feet are about 45 degrees away from the camera, you will instantly give yourself a bit of a shape. Bend your knee that is closer to the camera and put weight on the back leg, this makes your hip stick out a little giving you a lovely curve. Keep your arm a little bit away from the body to avoid your upper arm squishing and looking bigger than it is. If you can pop your hand on your hip to create a nice triangle (it is all about the shapes). Some holiday snaps of me below to point this out. In the first photo I was not quite ready, in second one I remembered and rearranged myself :)

Use your Kids

1. Train them to take photos of you. I started training my son when he was 4 :) He is 11 now and managed to take my maternity photos for me with my fancy camera last year :)

2. Use them to strategically place them in front of your body. They can help cover up your bumpy and lumpy bits and let the gorgeous bits stand out!

See below for examples of having your kid next to you or covering you...

If all else fails or you just don't want to have to think about how to pose yourself

Book a Family session with me and get some gorgeous photos and gentle guidance with how to pose for them :) Or why not book a Mummy and Me session to capture memories of you with your little one?

Mummy and Me

* Please note that most of the images I used for illustration were taken on my phone and by members of my family :) So the credit goes to my lovely husband and my fantastic and helpful 11 year old son. *

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